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Visual Field Examination

ADV TestVFE Bond Equipe 4
Formal visual field examinations are generally performed using automated perimetry.  These instruments work by measuring the ability of persons to see points of light at varying locations on a curved surface.
Visual field examinations may be resonable and medically necessary in any of the following clinical circumstances:
  • ADV TestVFE BWP0446glaucoma 
  • glaucoma suspect
  • other optic nerve disease
  • neuro-ophthalmic disease
  • retinal disease
  • systemic disease
  • vascular conditions affecting the visual fields
  • high-risk medications affecting the visual fields
  • disorders of the eyelids affecting the visual fields
  • sigificant eye injury
  • new functional limitations (can be reported by family members as "running into things")
  • unexplained vision loss (can be described as "trouble seeing" or "vision going in and out")