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Kids and Eyeglasses

Kids are active and always on the go – their glasses shouldn’t hold them back. Get your children strong, durable lenses to match their lifestyle – try polycarbonate or Trivex lens materials! Polycarbonate and Trivex lens materials are 10 times more impact-resistant than standard plastic lenses. They are also light and thin, so your kids won’t have heavy eyewear falling down their noses.

As an added bonus – they offer 100% UV protection! Which material is right for your child? Polycarbonate is the thinnest, most-impact resistant lens material. Trivex lenses offer the best possible clarity of vision and are better for rimless lenses. What is right for your child’s eyes? Ask us about polycarbonate and Trivex lenses, and let us help you find the best lenses to give your child clear, safe, vision!